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Choosing your new chair should be at least as rigorous as choosing new shoes. Even your SpinaliS chair should be tailored to your body size and correspond with your proportions. Just as you cannot make one pair of shoes for everyone, a chair too cannot be for every person. That is why we offer so many models in order to fit every body type. We have something for everyone!

Based on our 10 years long personal experience from Europe, we are able to help you to pick the best model of SpinaliS chair for you. You are welcome to visit our SpinaliS Stores and test all of the models personally. If you would like to be sure that you choose the most suitable chair for you, we offer free trials of selected chairs. The chair can be picked up at one of our stores and brought to your office or home.

FREE TRIAL is absolutely free. You can try SpinaliS Office chairs for one week. Trying it does not oblige you to any purchase!

You don't need to to be afraid to tell us that a model did not suit you and you would like to try another one. We are aware that this is not your everyday purchase - you will enjoy our product for many years, therefore, we want to make your purchase with us as pleasant, relaxed and friendly as possible. With us, you only buy your chair when you are sure that it fits you!

The free trials are available for customers living close to our stores only - the DEMO chairs for testing are available in our stores, for personal pick up.

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