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back pain…
…and prevents
spinal deformation

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Prof. dr. sci. Janko Popovič, dr. med., Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon When I first heard about…


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I have been using the SpinaliS Pilot chair for approx. 10 years. Because of my back issues, I have tried many chairs at my work, from easy to fancy ergonomic chairs, but no chair could ever compare to my SpinaliS Pilot chair. It was not cheap, but either is a back surgery, or a lifetime of pain medication. Utterly worth it in my mind!

Dr. Peter Lisborg - owner of a privat clinic

I bought SpinaliS chair based on advice from my chiropractor and it completely changed the way, how I feel after sitting all my day at my desk. No more sore back and neck, but strengthening of my core. This chair is really exceptional and helps me to keep my body in balance!

Thea Alisson - Accountant
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