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68% of North Americans suffer from chronic back pain. Are YOU going to be one of them?

Did you hear about an “active office chair”, which could eliminate your back pain?

Most of us actually spend more time on a chair than in the bed. Long sitting has a damaging effect on our spines. So, how to choose the best office chair considering healthy and active sitting?
After consulting Prof. dr. sci. Janko Popovic, dr. med., Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon, we picked out basic criteria to answer this question for you:

“Could an office chair help me to eliminate my back pain or not?”

A comparison of sitting on a healthy active chair (left) and an ergonomic chair (right).

“Our spine supports and carries the upper part of the body, for this reason, it is always burdened. 

The spinal load is measured by the pressure inside the discs, which is created by body weight and body posture. The burden of the spine is the lightest in the laying position and the highest in the sitting position. That is why some people would consider standing while working, forgetting about other negative effects of long-standing as sore feet or varicose veins. To stand properly is not easy, which is why, after we lose focus on our body position, the gravity will work against us and our body will not be able to keep the proper posture. This is again leading to irregular burdening of the discs and muscle imbalance, which in the further process causes pain.” Dr. Popovic explains.

So, what can be done?

We have good news for you: there is a very special chair on the market helping you to eliminate the back pain: SpinaliS health office chair with a movable seat on a spring, which will introduce the activity to your workplace and revive your back muscles.

In the past office, chairs supported only passive sitting. The focus was only on the position of the body when sitting. We depended only on the basis of ergonomics, which was founded merely on maintaining the right angle of the elbows and the knees. Modern ergonomic chairs with a fixed seat don’t assure the proper body posture, not even if they have cushions or adjustable backrest. The gravity will always win, and sooner or later we are finding our selves sitting hunched over our desk. With passive sitting on these ergonomic chairs, there is a large, uneven pressure on the intervertebral discs, often causing lower back pain and spinal injury.

Up-to-date healthy chairs enable active sitting, which is based upon free movement of the body, thanks to the movable seat of the SpinaliS chair.

SpinaliS is a leading European brand made in Europe since 1999. One year ago, they have opened a first brand store in Vancouver and offer FREE TRIALS and financing for SpinaliS chairs starting from $39 a month.

Many doctors and chiropractors from Vancouver claim active sitting on SpinaliS chair to be the most effective and long-lasting solution for back pain, they have ever seen.

SpinaliS Canada still has some chairs in stock for introductory prices, which you can right away! 

To get your best price - Check it out today!

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