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Healthy & Active Sitting For Kids - Project: Spine Friendly School

Project "a spine-friendly school” was 5 years long practical research about active sitting with school children, with one of the elementary schools in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Two school classes have been observed between 2006 and 2011. One class was equipped with the usual school chairs, while the second class had SpinaliS chairs designed for children sitting and working at the school. 

The children were monitored annually by physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons. Their posture, back muscle strength and overall condition of the spine were checked. A psychotherapist also verified (through a video) the pupils’ concentration during school work. SpinaliS chairs also affect blood circulation and, consequently, the power of concentration. Video clips and psychological tests designed specifically for this project were performed once a year.
In the first and second year of the research, there were only differences in concentration and the ability to sit still since children in the first two years of school move a lot. Children sitting on SpinaliS chairs had sufficient movement on the chairs and were less restless and not getting up during class because they could swing and move while sitting. In the comparative class, there were more disturbances with rocking back and forth and more standing up. The results showed that concentration during tests and results were slightly better in the classroom with SpinaliS chairs since the first grade.
In the last comparison of the two classes, the differences were already very obvious: in the classroom with SpinaliS chairs back and abdominal muscles of the children were better developed, posture was better, and there were less overweight children in the class. Here is the Abstract from the Final Report of this research.

The present results show that even children doing sedentary work need active sitting. This is evident from the enthusiasm of children themselves, even more so from their parents, who are very excited about the "spine-friendly school" project.

Hereafter, more elementary schools in Europe did join the program and are offering active sitting to their students. 

Doc. MUDr. Róbert Rusnák, PhD, Neurosurgeon, Head of Neurosurgery Clinic Ruzomberok, Slovakia, Europe
Expert Spine Friendly School project supervisor explains:
"Every day, when I was entering the operating room to try to deal with often fatal consequences, one question would pop up in my mind: "where the problems come from?” I believe, that the fundamental problem is the lack of the prevention and therefore I have decided to be a part of a project, whose mission is to fight with spinal disorder. I firmly believe that it will help!"

OUR SPINE -  there is a lack of information about it in adulthood, improper care of it in childhood! 
If we don’t care about our children’s spine properly in childhood, the consequences will appear in the future. 

It is extremely important to choose the right chair for children. It is just as important for small kids as for school aged children and students who often spend more time sitting on a chair in front of the computer.

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