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Healthy Back For $39 a Month! Financing For Your SpinaliS Chair

Get your favorite SpinaliS Chair now, pay in 12 - 36 months, payments starting from $39/ monthly 

SpinaliS office chairs are the best long lasting solution for your back pain, recommended by doctors and chiropractors. They have been built from to ground up to work with your body in everything you do throughout the day. Combining health benefits and comfort in a package that treats your back like it deserves.

Do you have a sedentary job? Does your back hurt? Don't waste your money on doctors or pain killers, START SOLVING THE CAUSE OF YOUR BACK PAIN NOW! 

Don't you like to wait with the purchase of your new SpinaliS chair, but prefer to stay safe with your budget? 
Are you a business owner interested in purchasing one or more chairs for your employees?
Would leasing program and 100% tax write off sound as a best solution for your cashflow? 


  • Lease to own program - Financing for SpinaliS with G DIRECT FINANCE
  • For our Canadian customers
  • Private and business customers (any Businesses type – Corporation, Partnership, Sole Proprietor)
  • 100% tax write off !!! 
  • Quick and easy credit application
  • Terms from 12 up to 36 months
  • With as little as $0 downpayment 
  • Individual conditions for your individual needs.

    GDirect Finance, a strategic partner with superior customer service, and a team of experienced Financing Specialists will ensure you quickly and easily get the right leasing option, according to your individual needs.

    For more info call 844 777 0489
    email us at: or drop by at any of our SpinaliS stores

    The unique, movable seat in all SpinaliS chairs follow your body to ensure that you sit comfortable and healthy all day long by relieving pressure on the discs in your back, relaxing stiff neck muscles, and strengthening your back and abdominal muscles while remaining safe for long term use.


Order online at and we will deliver any of the SpinaliS chairs of your choice right to your door!

NEW: Financing available - payments starting from $39 a month
Get your SpinaliS chair now and pay later, in 12-36 monthly installments starting from $39 a month. Lease to own program with G Direct Finance: Simply and Safe! 

Abs and Back Workout
Work out while sitting on any of the SpinaliS chairs and performing your daily tasks at the office or home.

Back Pain Relief
SpinaliS Chairs will work out your core muscles for you. Just sit, do your thing and leave everything else up to SpinaliS.

Stylish Office Chairs
The design of the SpinaliS Chairs is an eye candy – your customers will definitely notice them!

Yoga Ball Alternative
It is recommended not to sit longer than 2 hours on a yoga ball, but on the SpinaliS chairs, you can sit all day long.

Standing Desk Alternative
SpinaliS chairs will actually make your body work out and get you into a great shape without the hard task of standing or exercising.

Who does use SpinaliS?
Google, Dubai Airport, SONY, IBM, DELL, Skoda Auto, CSOB Bank, Unicredit Bank, Vodafone and many more.

SpinaliS Canada
ph: 778 989 0637
Chairs for Active Sitting to Eliminate Back Pain and Improve Posture - FREE SHIPPING in Canada 


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