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How to Sit Correctly in the Office to Eliminate the Back Pain

How to correctly adjust the seat height 

  • Back pain and neck problems have reached epidemic proportions in all countries where sitting for long periods became the norm.
  • Correctly adjusting the seat of your office chair will help you maintain the S-shaped natural curvature of your spine while sitting, which is important for the spinal column and back muscles.
    The slight forward tilt of the seat of your chair is necessary for maintaining the natural curvature of your spine during sitting.
  • For a long time, ergonomics experts were suggesting that upright sitting with 90 degrees angle between the thighs and the torso is the correct way to sit, but already 20 years ago, the Ergonomics Society in Germany suggested to change this for a minimum of 100 degrees!
  • The only effective way to effortlessly maintain the S-shaped natural curvature of the spine while sitting is through slightly declined sitting posture where our thighs are inclined with the buttocks higher than the knees, and the angle between the thighs and the torso is greater than 90 degrees.

 ...The minimum that you can do to improve the quality of your sitting and protect the health of your spine is by using an office chair or work chair in general which will ideally allow slight forward tilt and by adjusting the seat height so that your buttocks are higher than the knees so that the angle between the thighs and the torso is GREATER THAN 90 degrees!

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