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SpinaliS Chairs at Dragons'Den TV Show - February 2018

Guess what the DRAGONS said when we switched their chairs for SpinaliS? 
How did they like ACTIVE SITTING?

Our company did appear on Dragons’ Den to see if our posture-improving chairs will impress some of the country’s biggest investors.

SpinaliS Chairs are revolutionary chairs that have been improving the posture and overall health of those who work demanding desk jobs.
These chairs are made in Europe since 1999 and for last 10 years - ACTIVE SITTING - became a huge trend. Many people spend one third to one half of their productive age in a chair and still like to have a strong core, healthy spine and upright posture. SpinaliS, with a variety of chairs for different body types, has the solution for everyone! Wanna know, how did Dragons like it? 

Watch SpinaliS Chairs - DRAGONS' DEN Pitch here: 

CBC TV: Dragons Den Season 12, our episode was aired on February 20, 2018 

Our participation at Dragons Den was a unique experience.

To be honest, to enter the Den, it requires a bit of courage. And what a surprise, as we stepped down to the Den and realized to be staying down there, while the six Dragons were sitting up on a stage, with lots of lights over their heads, so they looked like giantsWe spent there about 30 minutes, but on TV you only see about five to seven minutes from each pitch, so you can imagine, there are many behind scenes shoots. Sometimes the Dragons are arguing with each other, but on TV it mostly doesn’t look so wild as it is in the reality.”

Be sure to watch our pitch to find out if SpinaliS gets the deal.

For more info on SpinaliS chairs for Active Sitting call TOLL-FREE 1 844 777 0489 
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