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Why a proper posture is so important for our back's health

The burden on the spine and joints was significantly lower in the period when a man moved on all four limbs. A man has become lazy with technological advances and modernization of work processes. Even a hundred years ago, people sat much less than we sit today. Today we are sitting down most of the day, have very little recreation and some body movements are barely performed.

The spine supports and carries the upper part of the body. For this reason, it is always burdened. The spinal load is measured by the pressure inside the discs, created by body weight, body posture and external weight (lifting).

The burden on the spine is lightest in a laying position and is 25 kg. Interestingly, the pressure on the inner part of the intervertebral discs is higher when sitting than when standing. In a standing position, the pressure is increased to 100 kg, sitting at 175 kg. In the upright position (standing) the ligaments and muscles take part of the disc burden. While sitting, the muscles and ligaments relax further increasing the burden and pressure on the intervertebral discs. Excessive or prolonged loading on the intervertebral disc damages the fibrous ring and causes spillage of liquid from the core discs. With the gradual desiccation of intervertebral discs the distance between the vertebrae reduces, leading to friction and pinching of nerves and even the complete destruction of the intervertebral discs. This is one of the main causes of back pain.



Unlike modern ergonomic chairs with a fixed seat the SpinaliS chair with its moveable seat encourages the body to continuously actively adapt its posture in harmony with the movement of the seat. An upright posture allows the body to maintain balance and also activate small muscles along the spine and its joints.

The SpinaliS chair is recommended as a preventive and therapeutic tool for back pain, minor disc injuries, lumbago, and scoliosis. 

How does SpinaliS differ from other chairs (including ergonomic)?

The SpinaliS seat is moveable in all directions, following each tilt of the body. It thus provides the spine and pelvis to be always in balance and in the correct position. To maintain balance on a chair with a moveable seat, we need to put our feet flat on the floor and straighten our spine. At that time we activate our back and abdominal muscles, thereby strengthening and thus relieving the burden on the spine.

SpinaliS makes active sitting possible!

Active sitting is sitting which activates the back and abdominal muscles. As a rule such sitting requires a chair with a moveable seat, requiring the user to maintain balance to activate muscles, otherwise, they would lose balance or even fall off the seat. The key benefit of active sitting is a balanced burden on the inter-vertebral discs and the vertebrae or entire spine. In active sitting, which means a permanent slight movement of the body, the back and abdominal muscles are continuously active, therefore strengthening which is very beneficial for the body.

The benefits of continuous pelvis motion are:

  1. Increased blood flow to the whole body, especially the pelvic and lumbar area;
  2. Strengthening back and abdominal muscles;
  3. Relieving the intervertebral discs and vertebrae
  4. In many cases, pain reduction in already damaged spine
  5. Significantly reduce the risk of injury;
  6. Improved posture

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