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About us

SpinaliS's mission is to revive your back and core muscles through active sitting! 

Dear customers, 

My name is Zaneta Badlikova and together with my husband, Miroslav Badlik, we are the founders of the SpinaliS Canada company, distributing SpinaliS "healthy" office chairs all over North America. 

I have been working with SpinaliS chairs since 2006 when I started my first distribution branch in Prague, Czech Republic. 

Why am I with SpinaliS? 

Because this chair saved my back and made it possible for me to have a pain free life!

Because of my scoliosis, I personally used to have serious back issues. When I was ten years old, my parents did stand in front of a terrible decision. The doctors suggested fixing my spine with metal screws (in order to avoid consequences of the continuous worsening of the spinal deformities during the growth).
Luckily, at that time, I found my passion for horseback riding which helped to improve my posture a lot.
Just the long sitting in a chair was still very painful.

I have always been a very active person. After high school, I studied faculty of the recreation and sports and later on became an owner of a sports clinique in Prague. Our clinic was helping people to get fit, lose some extra weight, offering a highly individualized program based on our client's needs.
A huge majority of our clients were office workers with a sore back... At that time, I discovered SpinaliS Chairs. The manufacturer contacted us and offered cooperation with our clinic. My first reaction was mostly negative, I did not like to sell chairs because I did not like sitting, however, I agreed to get one chair for my office and give it a try. After two weeks, I realized, that I was able to sit at my desk for a prolonged period of time while staying focused, without even thinking about the back pain which I was trying to fight for so many years. It was a tremendous change. I realized, that this chair can make (not only my) life much easier. I only hardly could help those clients visiting our gym just once a week or even less frequently. But with this chair, I knew that they at least would stay active during their days at work!

Since then, SpinaliS chairs have been helping many of our clients to strengthen their back and core muscles while making sure they never would slouch again! And this is how my new life mission was born: Revive your back and core muscles by active sitting on a SpinaliS chair! 

I started a company distributing SpinaliS chairs in the Czech Republic which has grown fast and helped to the thousands of satisfied customers. In 2015, me and my husband, we did sell our European company distributing SpinaliS chairs in the three countries with thirty-three stores and we did follow our Canadian dream. We did move our family to Vancouver, BC, and started to fulfill our mission here. Since October 2016 we have opened our first SpinaliS brand store in Vancouver and found many new business partners, who distribute SpinaliS chairs, to be closer to you, that you can come and try them. We are looking forward to helping you to sit without back pain!  We believe you will be amazed! 

We also welcome new dealers to become a part of our SpinaliS Canada team. 

If you like watching Dragons' Den, let's see how the Dragons did like us.
Watch SpinaliS in the Dragons Den TV Show at CBC! 

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