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How to Pick the Right Chair

We are happy to help you pick the best fitting model for your body size and workplace. In case you are not able to try the chair in person, please email us and share with us your body height and weight, type of workplace, and the time you spent sitting in a chair daily. Based on this information and our 15 years' long experience, we will help you to choose up the right model for you. We are shipping SpinaliS chairs all over Canada and the USA.

Please don't hesitate to email us at

To obtain the help of our product filter click HERE. If you need a quality healthy chair for your office, home office, or children's room, you will always find it here. Our product filter is going to offer you the best options for your body size.

For more details, please open the SPINALIS CATALOG HERE:
 /pictures/SpinaliS Canada catalogue 2016.pdf


David Issar is an H2 Thunderbirds hockey coach in Vancouver, BC and this is what he says about the SpinaliS Hacker Series Chair, we helped to pick the right chair for himself!

I would like to say thank you to Miro and Zaneta at SpinaliS.
They solved the biggest problem of my life - sitting at the desk and feeling uncomfortable. I have been doing sit-ups to trying to build up some core muscles just to keep myself healthy.
My back was in constant pain at night, it was difficult to sleep. With the SpinaliS chair, I feel my day is so much easier. 
It's a comfortable controlled seating environment and the SpinaliS chair keeps my spine in perfect health.
I have never felt better! 

Thank you SpinaliS!



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