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SpinaliS chairs are a world class hit

SpinaliS chairs are recommended by doctors and chiropractors. Thanks to their unique movable seat on a spring, they constantly enforce an upright and healthy posture. Chiropractors and physiotherapists recommend sitting on and exercising with a Swiss ball to everyone suffering from back pain because it enforces correct posture and strengthens abdominal and back muscles. Our patented idea of a seat propped on a spring tilting and allowing body movement in all directions imitates the sitting on a swiss ball. In contrast to the Swiss ball, SpinaliS chairs are equipped with backrests and armrests, particularly suitable for all-day sitting. SpinaliS combines the health benefits of Swiss balls and ergonomic chairs and is ideal for healthy sitting in the office, without back pain.

Prolonged sitting is not just about adults anymore - think also about your children. SpinaliS chairs for kids will teach your kids to sit up straight instead of slouching. It will train them in the principles of healthy sitting. In addition, the chair’s design allows it to grow along with your child.

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