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Chiropractor's opinion

Active sitting on SpinaliS chairs is recommended by many Chiropractors. We are happy to work with multiple Chiropractors across Canada. 

Dr. Janusz Szostek  Chiropractor, KKT Spine Treatment Clinic, Vancouver

We have tested the SpinaliS Hacker chair in our chiropractic office for about a month. Our front staff and the doctor found it incredibly comfortable despite the fact that one has to get used to the mobility of the seat. That mobility brings the necessity of the back muscles to constantly maintain proper position and activate those muscles. Based on my personal experience with many different workplace solutions, I do believe that SpinaliS is the best solution for every office, for anybody spending any amount of time sitting. It is the answer to all those questions patients ask, do I have to exercise at work? What's the best chair for my desk job?

SpinaliS chairs should be part of every ergonomic solutions and recommendation of how to improve a healthy workplace. I suggest to give it a try and test it yourself. Once you try SpinaliS chair you probably will never go back to your old one.

Dr. Mark Speakman, B.Sc., D.C.  Chiropractor, Founder of Alma Wellness Clinic, Vancouver

It is with great pleasure that I give my endorsement of the SpinaliS chairs!

In my 22 years in practice, I have not seen a product like it.  I have since been recommending SpinaliS chairs to my patients and clinic staff who have reported great satisfaction with their investment.

SpinaliS Canada Store moved in beside my chiropractic office in October 2016. We have decided to try their product - SpinaliS Apollo Chair. My colleagues at the reception did test it first. It took them a few days to get used to the active chair but when I asked them what they thought of the chair they reported that their backs felt much better. That’s when I knew that SpinaliS chairs are an excellent choice for anyone who sits in their occupation. I strongly believe in this unique concept, because if we train our core muscles to support our spine, then we are improving the spinal health!  

Sincerely, Dr. Mark Speakman, B.Sc., D.C.  Chiropractor












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