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Healthy sitting

The long hours spent in front of a computer or at the office adversely affect our spine and overall health. Unsuitable chairs further accelerate and worsen these consequences. If we want to avoid such negative effects, we should choose a chair that will allow us to sit in a healthy manner and prevent
the passivity of our muscles throughout the day. The basic parameter for healthy sitting is
the freedom and flexibility of movement, which allows for sufficient blood flow and enables muscle
to recover.

Organizing our workplace

Healthy sitting is directly tied to how you organize your work space. It is important that your chair, keyboard and monitor are in one axis. It is important for proper seating that the computer is located directly in front of you, any deviation to the side is very undesirable. Position the top of the monitor approximately 2-3” above your seated eye level. This allows you to bring relief to the cervical spine and reduce stiffness of the neck. The chair should also be close enough to the table so the body does not have to bend over the work surface.

Healthy sitting on a Swiss ball

Doctors, physiotherapists and other specialists positively assess the impact on correct posture when sitting on the ball. It is recommended to sit on it for up to two hours a day, because it doesn’t allow any back muscles to rest and relax and over time leads to muscle fatigue. Healthy SpinaliS chairs copy healthy sitting on the ball thanks to their seat on a spring and at the same time guarantee a healthy and safe seated position for an unlimited period of time, thanks to the static backrest and armrests.

Health effects of prolonged daily sitting

The following chart describes the health effects accompanying daily sitting (8 hrs or more including periodical breaks) on particular types of chairs:


                    Health effects

   Pelvis mobility* 


  Slipped disc     Back pain 
  Office chairs   Cause   Threaten   Cause             None
      (static seat) 
  Ergonomic chairs   Contribute     Threaten   Cause            None
      (static seat) 
  Health Chairs (seat on a spring)     Prevent   No threat   Stop        Very good
    (movable seat) 

*Pelvis mobility: During daily sitting most of the movements is done to the sides. We also move forward, above the desk. Every such move begins from the pelvis (core). That is why its mobility is a very important criterion when choosing a chair. Our body will not stay in a single position for long and rather makes us move and wriggle, change the angle of our core. If, however, the mobility of pelvis is not possible, it causes the occurrence of "popping" in the lower back and hips. This is quite damaging to the overall health of our spine and intervertebral discs.

At this point, you know which chair is most suitable for your needs. We have yet to discuss the technical differences between various types of chairs and ways of recognizing which is which. Please continue to the left column menu containing links to the above listed types of chairs, including their sometimes cloudy specifications, in other words the classification of office chairs, ergonomic chairs, and health chairs. Please take a look at the simple visualization of how the movable seat works and
a more specific comparison of ergonomic chairs and chairs with movable seats from the viewpoint
of health benefits and effects of sitting on them on one's spine.

SpinaliS chair = Healthy sitting

The healthy SpinaliS chair is the only chair on the market that ensures correct and healthy sitting. Independent clinical trials have confirmed that healthy sitting is synonymous with the SpinaliS brand. Healthy SpinaliS chairs have been certified as medical devices. The customer is therefore guaranteed a positive impact on his/her health when using a SpinaliS chair.


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