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Incapacity for work - statistics

Workplace Injuries

According to Eurostat, 40 per cent of workers are exposed to factors that negatively affect their physical health in the European Union countries, while 27 per cent ​​have negative effects on the psyche.

Among diseases back injury (28 per cent) is in the first place, pain in the neck, shoulders and arms (19 per cent), and in third place we find stress and depression (14 per cent). If we connect the first two groups into a single category of 'back injury' we can see that almost half (47 per cent) of all injuries are associated with spine injuries!

According to a renowned orthopaedic Prof. Popovic, MD., the SpinaliS chair is an important preventive factor to prevent back injury.


  • Back injuries - 28 per cent
  • Pain in the neck and shoulders - 19 per cent
  • Stress - 14 per cent
  • Foot - 11 per cent
  • Cardiovascular disease - 8 per cent
  • Breathing problems - 6 per cent
  • Headaches, eye diseases - 5 per cent
  • Infections - 4 per cent
  • Defective hearing - 3 per cent
  • Skin diseases - 2 per cent

Poor posture is one of the main causes of back pain!
Source: Eurostat, Labour Force Survey 2007

WHY Sitting on a Chair with a Fixed Seat May Be Harmful?

Admit it. Only a few of us are disciplined enough to control our posture and correct into the proper position while sitting on a chair with a fixed seat. Even on the so-called modern ergonomic chairs we "crouch" sooner or later, the back bends, and back muscles slowly begin to weaken. Since inadequate chairs allow us to sit incorrectly, we do improper movements and persist with improper posture.


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