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More productive at work

More Productive Work Due To Active Sitting

Over 80% of individuals experience pain in their spine at some point in their lives. Back pain remains one of the most common reasons to visit the doctor, chiropractor or physiotherapist.
Did it ever happen to you that you had to stand up because of harsh back pain? You interrupted your work to stretch those stiff and painful limbs, losing the idea or thought that you had with your work? 

Does your concentration dissipate after a few hours? You need to do your work but you can’t go on so you reach for a cup of coffee increasing your blood pressure and sending more blood to your head.

Or are you just caught in your comfortable chair, eyes closed, “contemplating” (sleeping) the future
of the company?

The solution for you is a SpinaliS chair, because this chair forces you towards active sitting, which has, compared with passive sitting on plain ergonomic chair, many advantages. The main benefit of active sitting is the constant exercise of back muscles, which are strengthened at the same time.

The favourable effects of active sitting:

  • Increased blood flow,
  • Reinforced back and abdominal muscles,
  • Disc and vertebrae relief,
  • Reduced pain in already injured spine,
  • Pain relief for uninjured spine,
  • Prevents the possibility of injury,
  • Improved posture.

All of the above is the key to more productive work. To convince you of this we have prepared very favourable conditions for you. You can take the chair to your home and test it for one week.

Do not waste your time sitting on a chair that steals from your health - get a SpinaliS!  

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