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Osteopath's opinion

Behnad Honarbakhsh, Osteopath & Physiotherapist, FIT TO TRAIN Human Performance Systems Inc, Vancouver, BC

Behnad is a strength and conditioning coach, passionate about teaching. He continues to combine his diverse clinical skills and years of experience with lecturing in the fields of rehabilitation, injury prevention, and performance enhancement.

If you are someone who spends part or majority of the day sitting, definitely consider investing in a SpinaliS chair.
If you have had a previous traumatic or non-traumatic spine injury, you should definitely consider the SpinaliS chair as a maintenance and preventative option.

I have personally been using the SpinaliS Smart Chair since December 2016, and have been very satisfied.

The chair does a great job of giving feedback for postural awareness, helping you actively maintain good posture. There are a lot of tools for posture that put you in a neutral position, but the tool does all the work. When correction is made passively, the benefits cannot transfer to other environments. SpinaliS chairs allow the individual to actively get into a better position and maintain the position by using their own postural control mechanisms. You are literally working to get into and maintain a healthy posture.   The health benefits of active sitting are immediate and preventative down the road. There is a lot of detrimental effects that stem from prolonged sitting. Although the best solution is always to be up and moving, SpinaliS chairs, in my opinion, are a great option when it comes to sitting.

Educating my clients about the importance of good posture and in particular sitting posture is an important part of empowering them to live healthier lives. SpinaliS chairs have been a valuable tool and option that I often recommend to my clients to help them achieve optimal sitting posture, especially on those long days at the desk. 


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