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Pediatrician’s opinion

 Ivica FLIS SMAK, MD, Pediatrician Spec. in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Ivica Flis Smak

A poorly formed spine in childhood will cause problems in adulthood.

"The first years of life are crucial to the health of the spine, especially during accelerated rapid growth between the ages 6 and 12. Incorrect posture in early childhood and then at puberty (e.g. in school or in front of TV), too heavy school bags or sports equipment, poor nutrition and lack of physical activity - all these factors can adversely affect the construction and development of the muscular-skeletal system. A poorly formed backbone during school years will cause problems in our mature years. It is also during the early stages of development that irregular curves may appear. 

Children today instead of playing outside spend lots of their time sitting in front of the TV or computer screen. 
This leads to the overloading of static muscles and
neglecting of the dynamic ones. It can also result in malnutrition, obesity and the deficiency of calcium and
vitamin D. These factors lead to improper posture and scoliosis. It is extremely important to discover scoliosis and limit its development during a child’s growth period, because later these changes may be irreversible. Consequences are not only of a "cosmetic" nature. The main problem of scoliosis is back pain and muscle imbalances. 
We can fix this, if we focus on prevention. 

SpinaliS health chairs prevent improper sitting. While sitting on SpinaliS, children won't even be aware that they are sitting in an ideal position and effectively exercising muscles of the back and abdomen. I recommend it as a preventive and therapeutic device.
SpinaliS perfectly imitates sitting on therapeutic balls, however a great advantage of SpinaliS chairs - as opposed to Swiss balls - is that thanks to individually height-adjustable armrests and backrests, they offer comfortable and relaxing seating and provide maximum safety. In addition, such chair will grow along with your child, who will sit healthy from primary school into adulthood.

Tina Rutar Leban, B.A. in Psychology, Educational Research Institute

Transition from Playing Games to Work

"SpinaliS offers children the possibility of different, more interesting movement than they are used to from sitting on ordinary chairs. Thereby it provides them with the possibility of transition from playing to serious school work while having fun. In addition to a number of positive effects on posture, I believe that SpinaliS also from a psychological viewpoint, aids to better schoolwork and helps the kids to focus on learning. Therefore, I fully support SpinaliS and keep my fingers crossed that more and more kids will be have an active chair in near future.

 Irena Logonder, logopaedist

Sitting and Moving at the Same Time - a Winning Combination for our Students

"Due to its movability SpinaliS optimally meets the child's need for movement also during a medical treatment. Sitting on a SpinaliS makes the body active, holding it in the correct position all the time, which is a necessary starting point for better speech motoric and thus for a  more successful speech therapy. For most children SpinaliS is a better choice than therapeutic balls, which distract them too much."


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