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Physiotherapist's opinion

Susan Deslippe B.S.c. (P.T.) Co owner of top-notch orthopaedic physiotherapy: GO PHYSIOTHERAPY in Vancouver

Certified practitioner of Gunn IMS
Susan incorporates manual therapy, Intra-Muscular Stimulation (IMS), education, specific exercise, posture and movement analysis into her wide scope of practice. She is particularly interested in pelvic and low back instability and re-alignment and uses manual therapy and pressure bio-feedback to recruit and re-train specific muscles.
"We have been using SpinaliS Hacker chair in our wellness centre for couple of months. We recommend SpinaliS Chairs to our clienst, becuase they encourage position changes and active movement when sitting. That is why they are good for the back and our clients who trialled Spinalis chairs have provided us with very good feedback."

GO PHYSIOTHERAPY, 2 - 3657 West 16th Avenue in Vancouver,

Physiotherapist Dusan Lavrincik, Spec. in Manual Therapy and Rehabilitation, owner of SILENTIUM CLINIC, Prague, Europe 

I am one of the satisfied users of SpinaliS chair, my self. I have been using my SpinaliS Hacker chair since 2006 and I am also recommending it to my clients. Based on my personal and my client's experience I am happy to answer some questions about SpinaliS, you might have: 

1.What is so special about SpinaliS chairs?
SpinaliS is the only chair with its seat mounted on a spring allowing it
to move in all directions and so mimic the movement of the body,
which is very natural and pleasant. Sitting on SpinaliS has
the similar effect as sitting on a Therapeutic ball, but in comparison, you can
sit on SpinaliS all day long. The movable seat allows for active muscle movement around the back, hips and abdomen, which strengthens them unlike other ergonomic chairs, where the muscles weaken due to inactivity.

2.Why to use a SpinaliS chair? 
SpinaliS is currently the healthiest way to sit all day, as evidenced by medical licencing based on many testimonials of physicians, as well as clinical tests certifying SpinaliS really offers many health benefits. It’s what makes this chairs unique.

3. Will I be able to use a SpinaliS chair all day?
In contrast to the Swiss ball, which is not suitable for all-day sitting, I recommend SpinaliS health office chairs for all day sitting.It ensures proper body position while sitting, which is impossible on classic office chairs, especially during prolonged sitting, this is virtually impossible. Thanks to the backrest and armrests, SpinaliS health chairs combine the advantages of a Swiss ball and the comfort of an office chair. We recommend SpinaliS chairs for children and teens as a healthy sitting solution. Kids spend most of their time in front of a computer screen instead of doing sports. Their improper posture while sitting can cause irreversible changes in the structure of the spine (scoliosis and others).

4. How quickly can we get used to active sitting and won’t our muscles become tired?
Of course, the body has to get used to active siting on SpinaliS health chairs. It takes from several hours to approximately two weeks (for very weak muscles). During this adaptation period, your muscles will get stronger and will gradually take over the weight to support the spine. You can feel a slight tension / pain in the muscles (myositis), which is a sign of the activated muscles - they have started working and strengthening. However, this feeling will disappear within one to two weeks. After this adaptation period, sitting on SpinaliS chair will be convenient and beneficial to your health. You will probably have a problem when sitting on an ordinary chair that will limit the active movement of your body.

5. SpinaliS chairs are much more expensive than other chairs? Is it worth it?
It actually is very difficult to compare SpinaliS Health chairs with regular or ergonomic office chairs. In the history of chair development, we first had the classic office chairs with a fixed seat, which later evolved into the more modern ergonomic chairs, which only allow for stiff immobile body position while sitting. However, no ergonomic chair solves the problem of activating the muscles that support the spine. After your day's work, when you get up from this chair, do you not feel tired? You feel back pain, because the muscles have shrunk or were stressed unevenly.

In the evolutionary development of chairs, SpinaliS has reached the highest level of healthy sitting. It prevents back pain, and is the best for your body.SpinaliS is incomparable with ordinary chairs. You cannot buy your health. However, you can invest in what SpinaliS has to offer. SpinaliS’ eighteen years of development and experience, along with the opinions of thousands of customers prove its value. The value of health is very high today and will surely not decrease in the future!

6. Are SpinaliS chairs suitable for people with health problems and spine issues?
SpinaliS is used by a lot of people who suffer from chronic back pain, including spinal injuries and post-accident conditions. If you struggle with serious issues, we recommend you consult a specialist. As far as I know, SpinaliS offers a free trial option for anyone who isn’t sure about the purchase and would like to test the chair for a few days. SpinaliS was designed for people with spinal trauma that must sit for a long time on a daily basis, it is a better option than classic ergonomic office chairs with a permanently stiff seat.




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