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The Science behind SpinaliS

SpinaliS is a very unique chair that has passed through several years of detailed studies regarding the impact on human health and the development of the spine. Many doctors and specialists and scientific institutions have been involved in the process of bringing SpinaliS health chairs to their current form, mainly those with expertise in orthopedics.

In 1999, the Slovenian company Ham d.o.o. developed the first SpinaliS health chair and the first generation of the SpinaliS spring. This spring was tested on a group of one hundred people for a period of two years. All participants were regularly checked with a diagnostic device, which indicated the time and intensity levels of engaged muscle groups, indicating the impact on the mobility of the pelvis and any degenerative changes in the spine. 

Since 1999, SpinaliS has developed 10 different models of SpinaliS chairs, which are specific for any body type, with regard to individuals‘ height, weight or way of usage.

Today, the company is using the fourth generation of the SpinaliS spring, and each generation was tested on hundreds of adult persons and children at schools in Slovenia. During the first tests, Spinalis’ movable seat achieved an efficiency of only 40% compared with its current model, today’s fourth generation. All of these tests were an integral part of technological development to ensure 100% functionality and health effect of the SpinaliS chair.

As a result, the unique, worldwide patented, SpinaliS chairs are now regarded as one of the best in the world and have been awarded as "Best office chair of the Year" in various European countries several times.

Active sitting on SpinaliS chairs creates a "sensorimotor simulation effect", which forces us to engage the deep stabilizing muscles. These muscles get weak while sitting on "normal" chairs with static seats. The goal of this simulation is to maintain a correct posture and correct position of the spine while bending over the work surface, which leads to eliminating back pain, especially in the area of neck and hips. The comfortable backrest and armrests of SpinaliS health chairs provide a safe andhealthy sitting all day long.

The most involved specialists and instituitions in the technical development and testing of the SpinaliS chairs were:

Prof. Janko Popovic, PhD-MD, Orthopedist 

Ivica FLIS SMAK, MD, Spec. in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Faculty of sport, UNIVERSITY OF LJUBLJANA – Laboratory of Kinesiology

Barbara Konda, univ.dipl.physiologist, author of Fit pedagogika© and the international

Project Fit Slovenija™/Fit International™

Dr. Danica Rotar Pavlič, specialist of general medicine

dr. Donald J. Hopkins, Chiropractor, specialized in spine treatment

Ted A. Lennard, M.D. Fellow, American Board of Physical Medicine on Rehabilitation. Springfield Neurological and Spine Institute

Prof. Stjepan Gamulin, PhD. Professor Emeritus (Prof of medicine)

Janez Tasič, PhD-MD, Senior Doctor, Spec. Internist - Cardiologist

Majda Anžin, Health Spa Laško

Darija Strah, MD. Spec., Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Irena Logonder, logopaedist

Mojca Divjak, B.A., Organizational Sciences

Prof. Janko Popovic, PhD-MD, Orthopedist






















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