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A number of awards support the functionality and benefits of active sitting on SpinaliS chairs. 

Business Award inovative idea Slovenian Quality

The 11th International Innovation Fair ARCA 2013 golden award Golden award ARCA 2013


Czech fair award   Top business in Slovenia Rehaprotex - gold fair award

Guiness world record on SpinaliS Moddom - fair gold award Slovenian Success Award

Slovenian award - Chamber of Craft Slovenian Award fair in Celje

  • The Independent - London magazine - Best Buy 2007
  • Business Award -  European innovative idea 2006
  • SQ sign (Slovenian Quality) with international test
  • The 11th International Innovation Fair ARCA 2013 golden award 
  • SpinaliS - the best office chair in the Czech Republic
  • Top business in Slovenia -  2010
  • REHAPROTEX - trade fair in Brno, Czech Republic - Golden award for SpinaliS Pilot
  • Sitting on SpinaliS to enter Guinness World Records 
  • MODDOM - trade fair in Bratislava, Slovak Republic - Fair award
  • The Mirror of Slovene Success Award
  • Award winner - The Chamber of Craft and Small Business in Slovenia
  • MOS Fair 2000 - Fair award 


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