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Gift Certificate

Would you like to buy a SpinaliS chair as a gift, but do not know which model would be the best and what color and upholstery to choose? Give your loved ones a gift certificate with any selected amount.

How to order a gift voucher:

1) To order a gift voucher, please e-mail us at order

2) Enter the full name of the person it will be and the amount incl. the tax you wish to gift (e.g. CAD $1000)

3) Further specify your contact information, including billing information

4) We will send you an invoice - that you can make the payment

5) You will be sent a SpinaliS Gift Certificate for the amount paid to your address

6) Once the recipient orders his/her chair, we will deduct the voucher amount to his/her order, applicable to any SpinaliS model 

7) If the gift certificate was issued to a lower amount than the price of the ordered chair, the recipient will only pay the difference:
for example - A gift voucher is for $ 1,000 and the price of the chair is $1,200 - we only will charge $200 to this customer. 



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