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Satisfaction Guarantee

For us, there is nothing more important than a satisfied customer.
No matter how big the company is or if you work from your home office, we will always act with everyone, as they were our only customer. Because we value every customer, your satisfaction is our priority. And we are very serious about it. We are aware that the right chair is bought once in several years and its purchase should be a deliberate decision. Therefore, we do not want our customers to buy "a cat in a bag", we want them to always have the opportunity to look at a chair and test it.  That is why we continue to expand our network of stores and test sites, where you can try chairs, but also rent them for a free trial. A list of models available at individual stores is always updated on our website in the Contacts which also shows a list of our locations.
We will be happy to professionally advise you on the selection of a suitable chair, as well as with the correct organization of your work environment. If after trying the chair out at the showroom you are still not absolutely convinced that it is the best for you, we will offer you a free trial of the selected model for up to one week. This way everyone can confirm the benefits that SpinaliS chair provides. In addition, we provide this service free of charge. Based on our 13 years long experience, we are almost 100% sure that you will never regret your decision and that you will be enjoying your SpinaliS chair for many years, at home or at work. 
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