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SpinaliS Apollo

All Apollo colours
CAD $ 1649,00
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About Apollo

    • An ideal chair for slim body types, women and men
    • Second most popular SpinaliS model after HACKER
    • Made in Europe
    • We ship to the United States
      Price for this chair in USD: $1,279
      starting from $39/month  
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APOLLO’s seat propped on a spring copies your movements, so sitting on it strengthens the back muscles. It will not let you sit in the wrong position with a “round” back, because the backrest’s special ergonomic design corrects your postur...moree, yet pleasantly supports your lumbar area. You can adjust the height of the seat and backrest with armrests. Thanks to the seat’s ideal depth and shortened length of the armrests, you can sit on APOLLO and have direct contact with the table top. The chair´s backrest design offers constant support of the hip area, even when slightly tilting your body towards the keyboard. The basic frame color is black, but you can also choose a chrome finish. APOLLO is offered in three types of upholstery in with many color combinations. We invite you to try out the variety of SpinaliS chairs. Perhaps APOLLO will be the best one for you.

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