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SpinaliS Explorer

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CAD $ 1390,00
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About Explorer

  • New active stool with a comfortable oval-shaped seat
  • Designed for all genders
  • Body type:
    5'3''- 6'5' in height & 130 lbs - 300 lbs in weight
  • Typical workplace type: massage therapists, beauticians, dental hygienists, and similar
  • Compatible with Stand-up desks
  • We ship to the United States 
    Price for in USD: $1159

Model SpinaliS Explorer was designed for all genders, active people who need an active working chair like massage therapists, physiotherapists, dental hygienists, surgeons, etc. Explorer stool is a great alternative to the Rodeo stool. It can be ...moreused as a home office chair for users who sit up to three hours a day. If you have a desk job and need to sit longer, look for other SpinaliS models with a full backrest for more comfort and support. The oval-shaped, comfortable seat on the spring promotes active sitting. The height of this stool is height adjustable, with a higher gas pump, Explorer can be used also working at higher/elevated tabletops, reception desks and counters. 

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