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SpinaliS Rodeo

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CAD $ 1390,00
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About Rodeo

  • Active stool with a saddle-shaped seat
  • Designed for all genders, active workplaces
  • Body type:
    5'3''- 6'5' in height & 130 lbs - 300 lbs in weight
  • Typical workplace type: dentists, doctors, beauticians, tattoo salons, musicians, and similar
  • Compatible with Stand-up desks
  • We ship to the United States 
    Price for in USD: $1159

Model SpinaliS Rodeo was designed for all genders, active people who need an active working chair like dentists, tattoo salons, surgeons, musicians, etc. Rodeo is a stool, it doesn't have a full backrest, so if you have a desk job, look for other ...moreSpinaliS models with a full backrest. This stool works best for users at active workplaces who need to lean forward most of the time. Its' short backrest offers nice support to the lower back. The saddle-shaped seat combines dynamic sitting and relief in the hips and thighs.
The height of this chair is height adjustable, with a higher gas pump Rodeo chair can be used also working at higher/elevated tabletops. 

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