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SpinaliS Smart

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CAD $ 1090,00
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About Smart

    • Active stool with a round comfy seat
    • Designed for all genders, active workplaces
    • Body type:
      4'5'' - 6' in height & 100 lbs - 200 lbs in weight
    • Typical workplace type: beauty salon, labs,
      doctors, production lines, pianists, and similar
    • Suitable for smaller spaces
    • We ship to the United States
      Price in USD: $909

SpinaliS Smart was designed for all genders and users who spend a lot of time sitting, but due to the nature of their workplace don't have much space for a larger chair. Typical workplaces are beauty salons, dentists, doctors, pianists, tailors, l...moreaboratories, production lines, and similar. Generally, anywhere where we need a healthy workplace and where the worker is leaning forward most of the time. SpinaliS Smart has a movable seat and a small backrest to support the lower back occasionally when needed. Standard chair metal parts are black. Upholstery is offered in eight basic colors, as well as custom colors and materials available on our website or at SpinaliS showrooms.

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