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Active sitting

Výkyvný sedák na pružině SpinaliS

Some manufacturers of ergonomic office chairs claim that their product supports "active sitting". They suggest that movable backrest is sufficient, even though it primarily activates
the muscles in the upper half of the back.
This results in drooping of the lower back muscles and a significant burden on the hips.

SpinaliS is the only real "active seat"

A SpinaliS healthy chair engages not only
the upper part of the back during sitting, but, due to a movable seat, a unique movability
of the pelvis is also guaranteed. It improves blood supply and trains the back muscles,
first and foremost those in the lumbar part, which is often most threatened by sitting on
a chair equipped with a fixed seat.
These muscles droop during sitting on other types of chairs. Through engagement
of the muscles that usually remain inactive
, the result is a proper body position – and this is due to active sitting (short visualisation of active sitting). Active sitting of SpinaliS chairs eliminates backache, eliminates pressure in the lumbar part, improves blood circulation through the body and has a positive impact on your overall health.

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