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Ergonomic Chairs

A higher investment in an ergonomic chair does not protect you against backache. An advantage
of ergonomic chairs in comparison to plain office ones is an option to tilt the backrest and adjust
the armrests and the seat, and also an ergonomic shape of the backrest and seat. All these properties guarantee the ability to adjust the chair to its user's silhouette. Since the ergonomic chair is fitted
with a static seat, you do sit in a better position in comparison to sitting on a plain office chair,
yet this is still a passive sitting. You will still experience a pain in hips, a stiff neck and a bottom-up pressure on femoral arteries. All these symptoms will only be eliminated by a SpinaliS healthy chair. Here you can see why these properties are guaranteed only by SpinaliS healthy chairs.

Advantages of SpinaliS in comparison to an ergonomic chair

In comparison to a plain office or ergonomic chair, advantages resulting from using SpinaliS chairs are first and foremost in their positive impact on health. Clinical tests and recommendations by physicians confirm many advantages of SpinaliS in comparison to a plain chair. The greatest benefit of SpinaliS is the "active sitting", which is made possible by a movable seat on a spring. It provides for a subconscious involvement of the muscles necessary to keep the proper bodily posture and guarantees an ideal muscular tonicity in the postural and phase muscles. These muscles do not work if any other chairs are in use. That is the reason why, on a plain or ergonomic chair, a pressure
on the spine is experienced, as well as an unpleasant backache.


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