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Office chairs

Office chairs are the cheapest option to sit. Sadly, a low price results in the impossibility to adapt
a chair to its user's silhouette and a passiveness during sitting. Limited adjustment options and
lack of active elements lead towards fatigue, lack of concentration, backache or headache.
Everyone working every day at the office and sitting on a plain office chair has certainly experienced such inconveniences, which were caused by an improper sitting. A classic office chair does not
fit to its user's body. On the contrary - it is the user, who must adapt to the chair.
Thus, the back muscles are overburdened, pressure on the hips rises and the seat presses from below on the important leg arteries. As a result, the phase muscles (white and fast-twitch muscle fibres, which are responsible for active movements) become droopy, because they do not work.
By contrast, the postural muscles (stabilisation, slow-twitch muscle fibres) tend to be overburdened. That is why, after a long sitting, we suffer from a stiff neck and rigid trapezoidal muscles, and we also feel pain in the lumbar area. A classic office chair cannot adapt to its user's silhouette and does not allow to sit actively. 

It is possible to get rid of all those ailments accompanying your sitting on plain office chairs – by active sitting. SpinaliS health chairs are the only possible option regarding elimination of problems resulting from improper sitting. It is important to realize that after 30 years of age human muscles lose their elasticity, thus scoliosis increases and other irreversible changes in the spine occur. That is why it is
so important to take care of a proper and active sitting, which may be provided only by SpinaliS healthy chairs. Here you can see why those properties are guaranteed only by SpinaliS healthy chairs.

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