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Why isn’t SPINALIS cheaper?

Regardless of whether you are choosing between an office chair, an ergonomic chair or a SpinaliS chair, the price may be a factor in the final decision. So why don't SpinaliS chairs cost CAD $500 like other chairs? SpinaliS is the unique chair on the market that has passed through several years of detailed studies regarding the impact on human health and the development of the spine. Thanks to that, SpinaliS chairs are now regarded as one of the best in the world and have been announced "Office chairs of the Year" in different European countries several times. These studies, however, consume considerable financial resources which are reflected in the final price of the product. Any time SpinaliS develops a new kind of spring - we are already talking about the fourth generation - it is tested on a group of hundred people for a period of 2 years. During that time all test participants are hooked up to diagnostic equipment (see illustration). This device indicates the time and intensity levels of muscle groups that are engaged, indicating the impact on the mobility of the pelvis and any degenerative changes in the spine. These tests, as an integral part of technological development, constitute almost 50-55% of the chair's price. However it makes it possible to ensure 100% functionality. Therefore SpinaliS is the only chair that has been certified as a healthy accessory that removes back pain. Producing a chair that actually prevents back pain is a complicated and expensive process.

During the first tests, Spinalis’ movable seat achieved an efficiency of only 40% compared with its current model, today’s fourth generation. We now know that not every chair seat that moves is actually functional and beneficial to a person’s health. Other manufacturers of office ergonomic chairs do not perform these demanding tests, and so they are able to save a significant portion of total costs, but end up with a product that does not remove back pain, but - on the contrary - causes it. The fact that a chair can be adjusted in various ways, sometimes in supine positions, does not mean that it will remove back pain. Often it is the exact opposite.

For most of us, the chair has now become part our everyday life, some of us spend more time sitting than in bed. This is why we decided to choose the harder way, even if it is more expensive, and create an effective product that really works and avoid supplying the market with "cheap" chairs, which are most often harmful.

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