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Reduces pressure within intervertebral disc

Intervertebral discs act as shock absorbers placed between the vertebrae - you need to maintain their elasticity to maintain a healthy spine. The pressure on these discs in a horizontal position is approx. 50 lb, in an upright position around 200 lb, and when sitting on an ordinary chair with a fixed seat, it increases to up to 450 lb, while in the case of SpinaliS chairs this pressure is reduced to a half due to constant position changes lowering it significantly.
Intervertebral discs obtain their nutrition thanks to changes in pressure. Sitting on SpinaliS chairs allows for constant load changes to the discs. On the other hand, sitting on a regular or ergonomic office chair with a fixed seat keeping your back rounded up leads to a high burden on the front edge of the disc. The gelatinous nucleus pulposus gradually moves back bending towards the spinal cord, which is referred to as herniated disc or disc herniation.

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